Ladies and gentlemen! We are greeting you!

Each of you is trying to achieve success or maybe you have succeeded in life already. All day long you hear the feverish tramping of myriad feet- all hurry somewhere, all are indrawn in unrestrained rush, all come exhausted, hands are shaking, knees are trembling, hearts are beating amuck and no peace for soul- success is still far away after all and fortune is escaping from you.
Stop for a moment please, just catch your breath, look at yourself, take a look at those bustling people who stumble and fall down rushing past along the road of life.
So perhaps happiness is a pensive face, or delicate hand, propping up the head or maybe a pair of tender eyes bleared by tears looking backward in the past and showed dark in the shady time alley?
The only question is: where is that past, where is that shady alley of time? Yes, all correct!
Remember the address: Zvenigorod (38 km from Moscow to the west), Savvino – Storozhevsky monastery, “Taiga Dachas”- “Svyazist” rest home. Exactly here, in silence, standing under the blinking vault of heaven you will realize that man merits more than gets from life.
The river length between the exit from Zvenigorod and Savvino- Storozhevsky monastery is very scenic. Here you may spend a month, a year and still will not be delighted enough in beauty of the landscape. It is that certain place where you should dream about the past days and faces fallen into oblivion and about things which could happen but had not happened, damn it!
At the entry to the mountain you will see a lodge made from the thick pine logs. It seems the old Russian hero Iliya Mourometz will go to meet you right now. You come to the main building and find yourself on the fairy meadow – Baba Yaga`s hut with a real stove and black cat on the roof, Zmey Gorynych (Russian Dragon) and Baba Yaga in the mortar.

Chekhov Dacha
It takes you to the unforgettable atmosphere of those remote days when from May till October half of Moscowers came to summer dachas. Each flat has its own unique style. All of them have halls, living-rooms, bedrooms with double bed, bathrooms and kitchens. Some houses are two-leveled. Some of them also have
atticks where you may sit in the evenings. These houses are surrounded by vivid garden and very old firs.

Arkhangelsk Dacha.
A house with 8 suits- 4 single-leveled and 4 two-leveled. Each suit includes living-room, parental bedroom, children bedroom, lavatory with shower, hall, lobby and open terrace. All the suits are alight well because of the house position.
These huts are built without a single nail.
The image and spirit of real Taiga dwelling will make you remember this cozy place and will attract you again and again.

Forest Outskirts of Town.
This group of houses consists of five carpentered peasant log huts (izbaz) surrounded by pine forest where the century trees grow. It is an ideal place for those who look for solitude. Each house includes two-level living-room with polati (entresols for children or guests), chimney, bedroom and lavatory.
Inside there are many of original hand-made things a-la antique: chimneys, furniture, lamps. All of them made from different kinds of wood. Each house formed in its very manner. Each has its own “profession”.

Hunting Hut.
Five carpentered houses are hidden deep in the heavy forest. The best variant for those who want to stay face to face with nature and feel the real atmosphere of hunting lair. In every house you may find Russian stove and stove-bench, chimney, deck-chairs hanging on chains, table and bench, modern lavatory and original village wash-hand-stand.
Paths from the large boulders put together leading to each house. Big table with benches which made from halves of huge logs stand beside. Moreover every house is original in its own way and differs from others.

Taiga Farm.
Consists of 10 massive loghouses surrounded by the forest. Nearby each house there are fireplace, benches for rest and pile of logs. Near another there are a bath-house, a hayloft and a summer kitchen-stove. Each house has its own unique coloring.
These houses for people who wish to restore their roots and live as they dreamt: freely and truly.
They are for those who do not stand vanity, who got the real beauty of life and know the price of human happiness.
There are 4 types of houses:

A house with gallery – 3 Sisters. The 1 floor includes an open terrace, two lighted living-room with a kitchen and chimney, a bathroom and a bedroom with double bed.
On the 2 floor there are two bedrooms with balconies and double and single beds, a bathroom and a small living-room with open terrace.

A house “3 Chimneys”- twins.
The 1 floor includes hall, living room with chimney and dining-room, gallery, kitchen, bathroom for guests, bedroom with double bed, chimney and bathroom.
On the 2 floor there are bedroom with double bed, chimney and bathroom and library.

Winter cabin – two-leveled house with a sitting room where there are chimney, kitchen, and stairs to the 2 floor, bedroom with individual entry to the bathroom, bedroom for guests (2 floor) and study or children-room.

A house “Pakhta”- a house-farm with a living-room with duplex chimney in the center, with a kitchen, dining-room and bedroom, with a stove and stove- bench hanging on chains.

The fancy of banya (bath) have a nice opportunity to steam in bath “banya po-belomu”- traditional Russian banya made from larch and having a chimney sitting-room. The real experts and banya-lovers may steam in legendary bath “banya po-chernomu”.

And after banya it is time to turn in, although you should understand well that all you have seen here is just a small piece of that which is lying ahead. After all exactly here the XXI century has left behind.

We are waiting for you, Ladies and Gentlemen!

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